wichita Awning Co., Inc

since 1999

  • Staple style awnings
  • Lace on style awnings
  • Custom fabric & metal awnings
  • Custom metal marquee style awnings
  • Custom metal work
  • Sunbrella graphics system
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Backlit awnings
  • Metal patio awnings 

Our Services

Our Promise

Our work is great. We promise. And behind that, we promise and guarantee quality that will always be remembered long after the price is forgotten. ​

​If you need help in designing a project we can supply you with a wide array of fabrics and aluminum products to accomplish almost anything you can imagine. We have the ability to give you a preview of what your envisioning with our CAD program by showing you what your home/business will look like with your design.

Awning styles and extras we can provide